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Martina Bonomelli


A leather goods collection that embodies a story made of the smell and softness of the leather, combined with the strength and beauty of carbon.

An alternation of materials that frees impulses, tensions and surges of the soul with a simple hand touch. With originality and exclusivity, these goods taste of something truly unique.

Martina Bonomelli

The softness and delicacy of design, combined with meticulous precision in manufacturing carbon details, surprises for the cleanness and originality it gives to the collection “Martina”.

Scarica la Brochure

“I’m madly in love with this material called carbon, which seems to be the solution for every problem.

Of course, you need to know how to treat it right, or its potential is zero.
A ‘mistreated’ material, used for a work that stresses it and brings it to its limits: from airplanes to racing cars, from the space to the bowels of the earth, like a diamond.

It must be strong, resistant, powerful, but if I look at it I see something beautiful, precious and elegant. I wanted to accompany it with a world that could show other aspects of its nature: a beautiful and unbelievable material.
What could be better than accompanying it with leather? A natural environment, where the daily versatility meets what is beautiful, precious and elegant.

I want to see my carbon here. First, under the flashlights, then in the hands of those who can touch it to feel cuddled by the luck of owning it.”

Martina Bonomelli, Fashion Stylist